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The shock NITRO MAX are the jewel in the crown, range RAW 4x4, with technical features oversized compared to weights and measures standards. Similar in content to the technical model RFX, differ from the latter in the absence of regulation, favoring size and calibration of high load.



The "Nitro Max Twin Tube" is a shock absorber that is specifically designed for heavy coil sprung and torsion bar vehicles. Nitro Max uses a proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving for 4x4 applications.

With a massive 70 mm body and a nitrogen gas cell in the outer tube, Raw 4x4 Nitro Max will significantly reduce the effects of shock absorber fade on the most punishing of corrugated dirt roads.

Replacing the more common low-pressure nitrogen gas shock absorber, the Nitro Max shock absorber differs in that it has a nitrogen gas cell in the outer tube.
The cell is designed to eliminate air cavitations in the oil when the shock absorber is operating under hard working conditions.


The phenomenon of aeration occurs when the air inside the shock mixes with the oil. When mixed with air the oil tends to lose its viscosity, compromising the efficiency of the shock.
This generally occurs when there is a sudden change of pressure inside the shock absorber.

The nitrogen gas cell is used to offset the gaps caused by a rapid extension of the shock.
The flow of oil in it, (B) failing to offset the space left by the sudden retreat of the piston (A), creates a vacuum. This sudden drop in pressure, sendis in boiling oil, causing a fade in its damping capacity.


Generally the application of pressurized nitrogen gas in a cell, limits the effect of 'aeration and cavitations, ensuring greater efficiency of the shock.

Unlike air, nitrogen does not retain moisture, and thus is not susceptible to sudden changes in temperature which can cause a change in pressure.
When nitrogen is mixed with oil, it manages to dampen minor oscillations without loss of control.  Under hard working conditions the oil and gas can mix creating aeration (air bubbles inside the oil). This can result in a momentary loss of control as air is forced through the piston rather than oil.  

The only way to virtually eliminate this problem is to separate the oil from the nitrogen gas. The RAW Nitro Max shock absorber achieves this by encapsulating the nitrogen in a gas cell to stop aeration of the oil.


Features include:

  • Large 41 mm bore size
  • Nitrogen gas cell to eliminate aeration inside the shock absorber
  • High temperature oil to maintain viscosity under hard working conditions
  • Multi lip Viton seal to retain oil at temperatures up to 240°c
  • Polyurethane bushes
  • One piece eye rings & 360° welds on all fittings

The "Nitro Max Twin Tube" manufactured by Powerdown RAW 4X4 have a guarantee of two years or 150,000 km in heavy use.




The Raw 4x4 Nitro Max mono tube strut has been engineered for those vehicles with a coil over shock absorber on the front. In this type of application a mono tube shock is the preferred option for heat dissipation as these shock absorbers are usually short and operate on a small stroke.

Using a large 46 mm bore places less stress on the internal components of the shock absorber providing a controlled and comfortable ride
MacPherson strut auto sospensionemolla elicoidale auto sospensione

The main feature of mono tube is a very rapid response that enhances the behavior of the car in off road conditions.



The mono tube shock  absorber design works
with the same basic principle of the twin tube by controlling suspension movement by restricting the flow of oil.

The main difference between the designs is that the mono tube is a single tube and has an additional floating piston separating the gas from the oil.  The nitrogen gas pressure in a mono tube is significantly higher than the twin tube design (from 25 - 30 bar). Under compression, the piston moves downward inside the cylinder, compressing the nitrogen by the floating piston. The nitrogen, undergoing changes in the volume acts as a spring, maintaining the oil pressure. This synergy between oil and nitrogen ensures an immediate response and a quieter valve piston without the danger that occurs through the phenomenon of aeration, adversely affecting damping.


Features and benefits:




  • High ability to dissipate heat due to a single tube

    The largest area of the piston (46 mm Bore) and the high level of pressure to obtain a high response speed of the hydraulic valve, absorbing the most minor of suspension movements
    Elimination of aeration of the oil, with separation of the gas and oil by a floating piston, improving stability and control of the vehicle in bad road conditions.
  • HNBR Seal - Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber which brings the following benefits:  
    - Excellent mechanical properties
    - High load at break and tear, excellent abrasion resistance
    - Excellent resistance to heat (up to 150 ° C) and good flexibility at low temperatures
    - Excellent resistance to weather
    - Resistance to lubricating oils particularly those with the presence of additive substances formed by amino
  • High viscosity hydraulic oil, resistant to high temperatures

Shock absorbers "Nitro Max Mono Tube" manufactured by Powerdown RAW 4X4 have a guarantee of two years or 150,000 km in heavy use.


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