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RAW Nitro is a heavy duty gas shock absorber that will improve ride quality by reducing body roll and increasing vehicle stability.
Combining an expanded body for extra oil capacity and nitrogen gas for additional cooling purposes.
RAW Nitro shock absorbers will outlast many of its well known rivals at a competitive price.

The nitrogen is used to cool the oil and avoid overheating of the shock absorber. This technical solution allows the shock absorber to maintain optimal operating temperatures, to ensure a high efficiency over a long period of time.

Features include: 

  • Large 35 mm bore size
  • Low pressure nitrogen gas to eliminate shock absorber fade
  • Expanded body for extra oil capacity
  • Hi-Temperature multi lip HNBR seal & oil
  • Re coil cut off to avoid internal shock absorber damage
  • Hardened polished chrome rod
  • One piece eye rings & 360° welds on all fittings


Shock absorbers "Nitro" produced by Powerdown RAW 4X4 have a guarantee of two years or 150,000 km in heavy use.


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