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If you travel on dirt roads, and your 4WD is equipped with large tires, or spend much time doing off-road vehicle, a steering damper effectively, it is the one for you.
Replacing the steering damper with the original RAW Big Bore, provide an important update to your vehicle.
Designed to reduce the effect of vibration of the wheel and improve steering feel, provide greater accuracy in the guide on any fund, on hips, its large size ...
The steering damper BIG BORE comes from a steering damper born to heavy vehicles, it has been particularly effective in the sudden turns of the steering wheel, which occur during the rough roads.
Mounted in place of the original, unamended.
With the RAW BIG BORE, no pressure loss, no fading, no sagging, and the control back in your hands!

Technical characteristics:

  • Size 35 mm,
  • Attacks reinforced welded 360 degrees,
  • Body diameter larger than normal steering damper,
  • Stem in chromed steel cover to protect it from damage caused by stones.
  • Nitrogen encapsulated in polypropylene to centralize the oil.

The steering damper "BIG BORE" produced by Powerdown RAW 4X4, are warranted for two years or 150,000 km for heavy-duty use.


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