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RAW RFX utilises a robust 3 way adjustment design and a large 41 mm bore size, where you can choose the ride to meet your needs and application.

With a large body diameter for extra oil capacity and various other heavy duty features, RAW RFX is ready for your adventure.



  • 3 settings (regular, firm or extra firm).
  • Big bore size (41 mm).
  • Large oil capacity
  • Reinforced, welded 360 degrees to prevent fractures due to lateral load over the shock absorbers that are submitted during the most challenging off-road conditions.
  • Hydraulic rebound stop to prevent over-extension on full shock absorber extension
  • Double Viton seal to maintain the internal pressure under extreme effort.
  • Polyurethane bushings.
  • Semi synthetic oil (resistant to high temperatures). This solution allows you to maintain optimum operating temperatures, to help ensure a high efficiency over a long period of time.
The "RFX" manufactured by Powerdown RAW 4X4 have a guarantee of two years or 150,000 km in heavy use.


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