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When traveling off-road over long distances, it is likely that your 4WD is equipped with accessories such as a "bull bar, winch, extra fuel tanks, tow hooks, etc etc ... This equipment is essential to return home safely..


Unfortunately, all these accessories, add weight to the vehicle, which is not designed to withstand a heavy load, especially over a long period of time.
A series of springs RAW 4x4, besides increasing the height, improving the performance of your vehicle in terms of stability, loading and towing capacity.

solido asse molla elicoidale auto sospensione


The experience with heavy vehicles, RAW 4x4 springs were manufactured using the following production processes, high quality:

  • Initial melting steel with a low amount of carbon in order to ensure a good elasticity and a very high degree of torsion.

  • Mold on precision mandrels: the use of precision spindles, ensures that all the springs produced are identical and consistent with design specifications.

  • Heat treatment of last generation

  • Treatment of blasting (shot peened) is hammering surface, run cold by a violent jet of spherical pellets. This treatment causes a compression surface, which propagates up to a few tenths of a millimeter below the surface. Serves to relieve the stress accumulated by the metal during its rolling and hardening, as well as improving the distribution of surface tension, increasing resistance to stress, fatigue and cracking of the piece Treaty, which reaches a yield point above the standard, combined with good ductility of the material.

  • Fully tested "Scragged. Coil springs are subjected to a crushing higher thresholds, up to the maximum length of the spring after the locking track (Lc: length block). After this test, the height of the spring will be set permanently.

  • Finish with powder coating.

Combining the coil springs with a set of shock absorbers RAW 4x4, you have the advantage of having a fully integrated suspension system.



The leaf springs supporting the weight of the vehicle and maintain the correct position of the axes during acceleration and braking. For this reason it is important to choose a crossbow, which is suitable for your needs.
RAW 4x4 crossbows are made with steel of first fusion, with a very small percentage of carbon in order to ensure a high elasticity over time, allowing you to walk a lot of miles in harsh conditions, whilst ensuring maximum performance level.

Technical characteristics:

  • Double-loop type fastening military for added security, if the rupture occurs the leaf teacher. The leaf that runs under the main leaf, wrap the loop fasteners on the cookie.

  • Profile semicircle diamond cut tapered to minimize the friction between the leaves, with the aim of ensuring the even distribution of load.


  • The compression tests negative, over the limit d 'operation, allowing the spring to assume a stable position, reducing the risk of failure.


  • Antifriction insert between the leaves of the crossbow to reduce friction and increase driving comfort.

  • Treatment of blasting (shot peened) serves to improve the distribution of surface tension, increasing resistance to stress, fatigue and cracking of the piece Treaty, which reaches a yield point more than the standard.

  • Heat treatment of last generation

  • Bundle of leaves in two stages, for additional support when the vehicle carrying a heavy load



The torsion bars are commonly used by many car manufacturers in place of coil springs or leaf springs.
The torsion bars are original to support the load of the vehicle, at a certain height, and in many cases they do not do very effectively, especially if you add some accessories like Bullbars, winch and dual battery.

barra di torsioneWith the addition of weight, the performance of the original torsion bars, declines rapidly, often with a loss of height and even more dramatically with a substantial deterioration Buoyancy of the vehicle, causing 'excessive yaw braking.
Raw 4x4 torsion bars provide the ideal solution to this problem. Manufactured with a diameter larger than the original bar, increase the rate of damping of 25%, allowing optimum control of the vehicle is off road or road.

barra di torsione longitudinale

Constructed of extruded steel quality, covered by a special treatment to the powder to resist corrosion.
The ends are forged and treated for maximum durability on channels in order to increase its duration and prevent the danger of sagging, it is at least 20% more resistant than the original. Are sold in pairs. 




Polyurethane bushings have a longer life than traditional rubber bushings and are made with a blend of unique polymers in order to offer a high level of wear resistance at high temperatures, salt water and petrochemicals.

Polyurethane bushings RAW 4x4 have a high level of elastic memory, which means that when tablets are wrapped or return to its original location. Also, the hardness of these bushes (durometer) is not compromised even in extreme conditions, which makes them ideal for use off road.


To complete the suspension kit, if possible should include the buffers, the biscuits lubricated and the pins in order to finish the job with the right pieces. If you intend to replace the suspension, because reusing old pieces that might damage or prematurely wear out the new ones?



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