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The Australian outback is one of the most challenging and inaccessible environments in the world ...

In this vast continent, trucks and buses, are forced to travel thousands of kilometers, with no paved roads ...

From this harsh land was born, Powerdown. Founded in 1983, Powerdown today is widely known for being the Australian market leader in producing specific shock absorbers for trucks & buses, capable of facing the extreme road and weather conditions of inland Australia. 


Strengthened by this experience and great success in the market for heavy vehicles, Powerdown decided to give life to the brand "RAW 4X4" designing and developing a full range of products, dedicated to 4WD.



With three production plants located in three different geographical areas: Australia, Canada and South Africa, Powerdown is able to test their products in the most desolate of conditions, the heat of the central Australian desert & the ice field of the arctic regions. This results in more advanced research, allowing us to obtain performance and quality, that is made to last.





"Powerdown" has obtained the international ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating a high standard of quality.
To date the customer RAW 4x4, has a degree of satisfaction after the sale of 98% ...
All products Powerdown RAW 4X4, have a guarantee of two years or 150,000 km in use

In recent times, a team of
Australian and Asian journalists specializing in 4X4, said that at present, the products of RAW 4X4 are suspensions with the highest
degree of quality and performance, compared to the whole market for 4x4.

RAW 4X4 by Powerdown is exclusively distributed in Europe by "OFFQUATTRO".



"... My twenty years of experience gained by participating in major national and international competitions dedicated to cars and the most extreme off-road, I have always led to finding the right compromise between the optimization of performance and attention to aesthetic taste. trial, rally raid, travel promotions and events dedicated to 4WD, have allowed me to get the right professional maturity to be able to advise, and then sell only selected products with commitment and care. For years, we import and distribute only quality products, selecting only the equipment, that highlight the concept "Heavy Duty Performance" or better .... quality and performance, long life.

... If you're tired of playing ... perhaps it's time to move to RAW 4X4 ...
Because your satisfaction is our strength! "

Romano Girardi.